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2005 Emo is an emo sub-culture. Started in 2005, it carried over into 2006 and started dying out around 2010. However, there are still many people who participate in the sub-culture.


Most individuals in the sub-culture have choppy haircuts and/or unnaturally colored hair. Makeup is usually pale foundation, smudged eyeliner, or dark eyeshadow. Clothing includes but is not limited to black or dark clothing, skinny jeans, band tees, and hoodies. The most common place for people to shop is Hot Topic, and sometimes Spencer's or Claire's.

Musical InterestsEdit

While My Chemical Romance is the most popular band, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco are also enjoyed throughout this sub-culture. All Time Low, The Used, Paramore, and Green Day are popular as well. Although Twenty One Pilots weren't around in 2005, many individuals in this sub-culture are fans of them. The majority of 2005 emos do not keep up with what songs are presently popular, as they don't care too much.