Queen of Cyberpunk, Kusanagi Motoko, from the anime Ghost in the Shell, pictured here in the characteristic black and green of the Cyberpunk Aesthetic


Blade Runner is p Cyberpunk

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Being CyberpunkEdit


de/human(eyes) your 'self'

"You can be cyberpunk in spirit, but few people are cyberpunk in practice. Unless you're a legit heavy-lifting hacker or have some other subversive skill set, I don't see how one qualifies. You're defined by your actions, not by your ideals." contributor Blitz


Kiss the cybernetwork with your mouth open wide.

Contra Blitz, there is a growing belief that to become cyberpunk, all one must do is abandon their humanity and join the net.




Nirvana, 199701:39

Nirvana, 1997



2000's and Beyond (Event Horizon of the Singularity)Edit


things are going to get chili when the capitalists upload their consciousnesses into giant servers which will be kept cool by blocking out the sun

Cyberpunk is Communist, and Vice Versa Edit

Cpwiki communist

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